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FORUMS logo (3)Last Thursday, MassBio hosted Drug Repurposing and Reformulation: At the Crossroads of IP, Clinical and Business Strategies. This Forum explored the potential of drug repurposing and reformulation as useful strategies for clinical development and business growth. (MassBio members can watch the full video & see slides here.)

Panelists Included:

  • Mike Rea, CEO, IDEA Pharma
  • Yael Schwartz, PhD, Founding CEO and President, Hygeia Therapeutics, Inc. and Canterbury Laboratories
  • Sara McKenzie, PhD, MBA, Principal, PharmaDirections
  • Konstantin Linnik, Partner, Intellectual Property Department, Nutter McClennen & Fish LLP (moderator)

Yael editedMike Rea, CEO of IDEA Pharma, talked about the search for the purpose of getting to the real value of a drug. Rea said, “Investing a product with purpose is better than having a product whose purpose is investment.”

Yael Schwartz, Founding CEO and President of Hygeia Therapeutics, Inc. and Canterbury Laboratories, talked about her success with repurposing drugs in her companies. Schwartz said, “With smart pharmacology, you have bigger markets with more indications, you’ve solved a safety problem, and you dramatically change the half-life and route of metabolism.”

Sara edit

Sara McKenzie, Principal of PharmaDirections, talked about the reasons why old drugs should be repurposed. McKenzie explained, the “existing knowledge base allows for legitimate shortcuts in development activities.”

Konstantin Linnik, Partner at Nutter McClennen & Fish LLP, introduced the topic and was the moderator for the discussion.

Thank you to all of the speakers and attendees for helping make the Drug Repurposing and Reformulation Forum a success!

MassBio members: If you would like to watch the presentation on-demand or download the slide deck, click here.

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