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Feel that the theory and concept regarding the Clincal Pharmacology (Pharmacokinetics & Pharmacodynamics) is very complicated? There is a website which present all the theory interactively. Have a look and, you may have a better understanding regarding all the complicated theory!

About the website - Interactive Clinical Pharmacology


The site has been designed to increase understanding of important and sometimes difficult concepts and principles in Clinical Pharmacology. It is not intended to be comprehensive for all aspects of Clinical Pharmacology teaching. It has been developed using Macromedia Flash to enable user interaction.

Intended Users

The site is for any student or practitioner requiring Clinical Pharmacology knowledge, e.g. undergraduate and post-graduate students in medicine, pharmacy and pharmacology. A basic understanding of physiology and pharmacology is assumed.

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2c: social science vs. "actual science"

by tlbrink

If you are saying that social science has lower correlations between predictor variables and criterion variables, you are correct.
However, if you are saying that chemistry (in the form of pharmacology) produces more effective cures for mental disorders than psychotherapy, that is not the cause with certain disorders.
In any event, any research comparing those treatments would have to use social science derived measures. See the research on the Geriatric Depression Scale.

Went to school

by aquene1

In SF for grad studies, but learned alot about these two areas...if you should decide on childhood deve, i would strongly suggest specializing in special education; there is alot of need for it in all communities, and to specialize would really open you up to a whole host of needs, such as genetic realted, drug related, injury related, and of course the all inclusive developmental. another area of study would be in geriatrics, there are many programs, for this as well as for the former area, though ucsf has many programs you could take advantage of even if you are not a grad or medical student; the key is to research the schools that have good bachelors and or master/PhD programs especially in geriatrics; i worked at the UCSF memory clinic & alzheimer's center via field placement and learned alot about the job market aspects to he…

PHC Publshing Group an imprint of PESI HealthCare Geriatric Pharmacology - The Principles of Practice & Clinical Recommendations
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Pharmacist Provider Status  — Pharmacy Times
In 2000, North Carolina was able to pass legislation that created a clinical pharmacist practitioner (CPP). We were able to work with the medical director for Medicare's Fiscal Intermediate to allow a CPP to bill for medical care as a provider.

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