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Rare deadly diseases list

water allergy9. Water Allergy

Also known as Aquagenic Urticaria, this disease is extremely rare and has affected only 30 people till date. Water Allergy is a disease confirmed by Medical Review Board where sufferers are allergic to water. Mostly it occurs in the latter part of the life and is often caused due to hormonal imbalance brought about by giving birth. In a case in UK, a 21 year old female developed this allergy where she could not drink water or touch water because her skin develops a burning rash. She could only consume diet coke, bath for 10 seconds in a week and not get caught in the rain. This is basically a hypersensitivity to the ions present in non-distilled water.

8. Laughing Death or Kuru

kuruAlso known as Laughing Death, Kuru is so rare that it was found only amongst the tribal Fore people of New Guinea. The main symptom of the disease is sudden burst of maniacal laughter which ultimately leads to death with a hole in the brain. The disease was a result of cannibalism, a ritualistic practice where tissues of the brain of the deceased were cooked and consumed. The sufferers are usually not able to eat and stand, begin to sway and stumble, lose power of speech and ultimately die in a comatose state. However, in most of the parts, Kuru has disappeared because of government intervention to put an end to cannibalism.

7. Porphyria

Weird but true that 18th century English King George III suffered from this infamous disease. Porphyria leads to purple urine and feces which is caused due to complications in the production of a protein forming a vital part of the red blood cells.Porphyria Affecting skin and the nervous system, common symptoms of this disease are vomiting, constipation, abdominal pain, stomach disorder, increasing sensitivity to sun, swelling, itching and nausea. In few cases, the hair growth of forehead increases. Toxins after exposure to sunlight due to deficiency of heme protein causes coloring of skin areas like reddish teeth and nails, dark urine etc. Some of the known people suffered from Porphyria are Mary Queen of Scots, King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon and Vincent Van Gogh.

6. Fatal familial insomnia: No sleep

The nightmare of FFI is never to have a nightmare or a dream. It starts with a mysterious sleeplessness starting from middle age and rapidly develops as the person grows old. For years, the members of an Italian family suffering from this disorder have been dying as they were unable to sleep. It is generally resultant of a genetic mutation which leads to a prion disease, related in nature to diseases like Mad Cow, Kuru and even Alzheimer’s. Till date this disorder has only been found only in 40 families worldwide. FFI is a rare genetic sleep disorder. The main symptom includes the inability to sleep, high pulse, blood pressure, excessive sweating and sometimes loss of coordination and motor abilities.

Sleep Disorder alien hand Syndrome Blue Skin Disorder Hereditary angioedema (HAE)

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