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Immunological diseases Pathology


The immune system provides the defense for an organism to repel invasion by disease-causing agents. Immunology is the study of all aspects of the immune system in states of both health and disease; malfunctions of the immune system in disorders, such as autoimmune diseases. Researchers in the Department of Pathology study many aspects of immunology including the signalling mechanisms and cell types that generate immune responses, the evolution and function of families of genes integral to the immune system and the process of auto-immunity (in which the immune system attacks the normal tissue of the body).

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Health concerns

by veganpiratelady

About five months back I reckon I posted about some health concerns I was having. They seemed specifically pre-menstrual related. The issues, however, have persisted. It seems that the issues become worse around my cycle, but that they persist for the whole month. I have had what more or less feels like an ongoing case of the flu since about the New Year.
I have had three blood tests done and reviewed by two different doctors: an MD and an ND. The only abnormality was that on one of the blood test occasions I was a bit low on Magnesium, for which I received a shot

Immunological Aspects of Allergy and Allergic Diseases, Vol. 4: Clinical Aspects of Immune Pathology
Book (Springer)

Trinity find may help defeat cancer drug resistance  — Irish Examiner
Irish researchers have discovered a molecule that could improve targeted treatments for breast cancer and a number of other cancers.

The pathology of Alzheimer disease elicits an in Vivo immunological response.(Report): An article from: American Journal of Immunology
Book (Thomson Gale)
CRC Press Mayo Clinic Atlas of Immunofluorescence in Dermatology: Patterns and Target Antigens
Book (CRC Press)
  • Used Book in Good Condition
Immunological Diseases
Book (Little Brown & Co)
CRC Press Molecular Immunological Considerations in Malaria Vaccine Development
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