What is drug discovery? // Drug Repurposing

What is drug discovery?

EU_logo1The Translational Drug Discovery Group was established in 2011 as part of a major strategic investment within the School of Life Sciences. The group comprises medicinal chemistry and molecular pharmacology laboratories and plays a pivotal role in the School’s translational research strategy which aims to translate a fundamental understanding of disease processes and molecular targets, whether that knowledge resides within the University of Sussex or in UK-based and international academic and industrial institutions, into novel drugs.

The group has successfully attracted in approximately £8M of research funding and currently has twenty scientists with a high level of experience in Drug Discovery.

The group plays an active role in teaching and training students. In particular, final year undergraduate students work in our laboratories alongside experienced scientists and PhD students whose projects are directly related to aspects of Drug Discovery.

US_DrugDiscoverylogoCurrently research is focussed in three areas:

Oncology – working closely with the MRC Genome Damage and Stability Centre at the University of Sussex we have established a portfolio of four hit finding programmes for novel DNA damage repair targets

Neuroscience – the group is highly experienced in neuroscience drug discovery and currently has two active discovery programmes. We are actively seeking to expand the current portfolio

Infectious disease – There are two active programmes in this area, the recently initiated collaboration with re:VIRAL seeks to identify and new treatment for RSV infection. Additionally we are working on agents to treat neglected disease.

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I develop drug discovery machines...

by Particle_Man

And they are expensive as heck! It 5 years and 20M in the making. It will cost the phama companies 1M to buy (one machine) and another 1M per year to run and maintain it. 99% of the drug reseach projects never make it to market and that is why they are expensive. The reason the pills are cheaper in Canada is the same reason food is cheaper in Mexico... the companies charge what the market will bear. But they wont give the stuff away. Someone has to pay for drug deveopment and its the US consumer that foot the bill.

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