Open drug Discovery Teams // Drug Repurposing

Open drug Discovery Teams

Project, which acts as a browser for selected topics such as rare & neglected diseases. The app provides features for crowdsourced curation via Twitter.

The Open Drug Discovery Teams (ODDT) project is a content aggregation system for open science data, providing crowd sourced curation features. The project consists of a mobile app for iOS (iPhone, iPod, iPad) that presents a magazine-like interface for browsing content, and a server that accumulates content, by polling Twitter for topic-specific hashtags.

The ODDT app is free. It can be used anonymously to browse topics. Influencing content requires the user's account to be enabled and made available to the app.

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I don't know for DSM-IV

by gelg

Though the info wouldn't be hard to find.
A quick google brought forth examples of what Pharma's thinking about DSM-V. Here are snippets from an article in the Journal for Clinical Studies:
"[In DSM-V] the concept of “catatonia” is likely to be removed from the new schizophrenia criteria, and may become a diagnostic class within psychosis, or a specifier to psychosis or mood disorders. Reclassifying catatonia outside schizophrenia could potentially open the way for novel drugs, as the optimal treatment for catatonia is likely to differ from the standard treatment for schizophrenia

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