Current Trends in drug Discovery // Drug Repurposing

Current Trends in drug Discovery

BIT s 11th Annual Congress of
National College of Pharmacy is conducting a staff devlopment programme on Recent trends in drug discovery and its developments to identify the lead molecules to treat various ailments. The main objective of Staff Development Programme is to provide a common platform for academicians, R&D Executives, Scientists, Pharma Engineers and Industrialists to interact, deliberate, disseminate ideas and have sharing of knowledge in basic process involved in Drug Discovery.

Resource Persons

Eminent persons from both academics and industry will be engaged to provide in depth information through lectures and demonstrations/discussions on specialized topics.

Topics covered…………….

Drug Discovery:- Topics covered will include methods to identify lead molecules, different sources for the identification of lead molecules. Optimization of lead molecules and the latest development in the drug discovery. Formulation Development:- Covering general introduction to various formulations, new formulations and the new excipients used for the stabilization of various formulations, drug delivery systems, nanotech approaches in the drug delivery and its evaluation procedures, new polymers used as drug carriers. Analysis of Drug moiety:- Topics covered include advanced analytical techniques, method development and techniques of interpretation Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacy Practice:- General Introduction to clinical trial, current trends in clinical research .
Chief Patron
Dr.KM Navas
CEO, KMCT Group of Educational Institutions


Prof(Dr) B SeethaDevi
Director, National College of Pharmacy
Mr.Sujith Varma K
Associate Professor, National College of Pharmacy

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An anecdotal response

by invivoVibrio

I have worked in several labs that have produced, either directly or through a spin-off company, real products that are medically useful. Scientists are the ones who create vaccines, design diagnostic devices and tests, and discover useful drugs.
There's a whole spectrum that falls under the title "science," which ranges from the purely discovery-oriented, focusing on just learning more about a topic for learning's sake; to the purely practical, such as so-called translational research, where scientists iron out the details of a practically useful discovery and optimize it for practical applications, "translating" the basic science into something that can be produced and sold by industry

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Cancer-Fighting Patch to Treat Mouth Cancer  — Drug Discovery & Development
Ohio State, through the Ohio State Innovation Foundation and the university's Drug Development Institute, and the University of Michigan licensed the intellectual property to the newly formed Sirona Therapeutics.

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