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International drug development Institute

Active in Europe, the United States and Asia, a company respectfully established in the fields of biostatistics, data management and central randomization, IDDI has created a new monitoring system responding to the importance and high recommendation of central statistical monitoring (CSM) and the need for their expertise in this type of monitoring.

A pioneer in the field of central statistical monitoring, IDDI, in collaboration with Belgian entities ULB (IRIDIA), GSK Biologicals and UCL (ISBA), is developing and validating a system for monitoring and the statistical control of data quality of clinical trials, primarily based on multiple statistical tests whose results can be exploited by data mining tools and artificial intelligence designed not only to detect anomalies in data due to errors, but also negligence and fraud.

The project known as SMART (Statistical Monitoring Applied to Research Trials), developed with the financial support of the Walloon Region, aims to provide statistical monitoring with an ability to detect the heterogeneity of data throughout investigational centers and to create a quality label for clinical trial data.

While detection of deliberate (fraud) or unintentional errors is a concern at the highest level of pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, there is currently no integrated and automated system to monitor the quality of data based on statistical tests and techniques of artificial intelligence or data mining.

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Low-dose bird flu vaccine tested on humans

by Shadow_Government

The first clinical trials of a low-dose H5N1 bird flu vaccine are already under way, New Scientist can reveal.
Agnes Hoffenbach, head of pandemic research at manufacturer Sanofi Pasteur, says the results will be ready by December 2005.
The news came as the US awarded a $100-million contract to the French-owned vaccine maker to produce a vaccine against H5N1 bird flu on Thursday. The deal is the first major cash order for the vaccine, which drug company officials at an international meeting in Malta this week said will greatly accelerate the development of bird flu vaccines elsewhere in the world

Here is a short list for ya.

by Carl_Spackler

• Flood Control and Coastal Emergencies -$30M • Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy -$899M • Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability -$49M • Nuclear Energy -$169M • Fossil Energy Research -$31M • Clean Coal Technology -$18M • Strategic Petroleum Reserve -$15M • Energy Information Administration -$34M • Office of Science -$1.1B • Power Marketing Administrations -$52M • Department of Treasury -$268M • Internal Revenue Service -$593M • Treasury Forfeiture Fund -$338M • GSA Federal Buildings Fund -$1.7B • ONDCP -$69M • International Trade Administration -$93M • Economic Development Assistance -$16M • Minority Business Development Agency -$2M • National Institute of Standards and Technology -$186M • NOAA -$336M • National Drug Intelligence Center -$11M • Law Enforcement Wireless Communications -$52M • US Marshals Service -$10M •…


by peacewar

Interior Department
Bureau of Indian Affairs School Construction
National Heritage Area Grants
Payments in Lieu of Taxes
USGS (news - web sites), Mineral Resources Program
_Justice Department
Federal Bureau of Prisons Construction Program
High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas Program
Juvenile Justice Law Enforcement Assistance Programs
_Labor Department
International Labor Affairs Bureau
Office of Disability Employment Policy
Workforce Investment Act Pilots and Demonstrations
_State Department
Assistance for the Independent States of the Former Soviet Union
_Transportation Department
FAA (news - web sites) - Facilities and Equipment
FAA - Airport Improvement Program (Oblim)
FRA - Next Generation High Speed Rail
_Treasury Department
Internal Revenue Service (news - web sites) - Taxpayer Service
_Environmental P…

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