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Drug development Therapy

Under development by Pfizer, torcetrapib is a member of the cholesteryl ester transfer protein (CETP) inhibitor class of drugs that is designed to boost blood levels of high-density lipoprotein (HDL), often described as “good cholesterol”. The company was exploring the potential to combine torcetrapib with its top selling statin Lipitor (atorvastatin) as an improved treatment for dyslipidaemia.

The combination of torcetrapib and Lipitor (atorvastatin) was in pivotal phase III trials involving about 15, 000 patients, which were expected to run for at least two years. However, Pfizer was forced to stop the trials early after an independent safety board discovered an imbalance in the incidence of cardiovascular events and death in the two treatment arms (combination therapy versus atorvastatin alone). Further clinical evaluation of torcetrapib has ceased bringing to an end the development of a drug that Pfizer had hoped to submit for regulatory approval in 2007.

Despite this significant setback, Pfizer still has other combination therapies in its development pipeline for treatment of cardiovascular disease (CVD). They include Caduet, a combination of Lipitor and the anti-hypertensive agent Norvasc, and the ACAT inhibitor avasimbe. These products, designed to expand Pfizer's CVD franchise, are part of a new approach to regulating blood plasma levels that goes beyond statin control.


"The company was exploring the potential to combine torcetrapib with its top selling statin Lipitor (atorvastatin) as an improved treatment for dyslipidaemia."

Coronary heart disease (CHD), the physical manifestation of atherosclerosis, is a major cause of death and disability. Of the 17 million deaths that occur from CVD in the world each year, CHD is a significant contributor.

Atherosclerosis is a pathological process in which arteries supplying the heart become progressively narrowed by the build up of fatty material in the artery wall. Known as atherosclerotic plaques, they lead to narrowing or stenosis of the artery lumen so restricting blood flow to the heart. A lack of oxygen supply to the heart leads to adverse clinical consequences such as angina, heart attack (myocardial infarction) and sudden cardiac death.

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Development of stereotypical behaviors in orphan

by peroneus

Raccoons. Prevention and treatment. For prevention I was mostly going to compare minimium requirements from the IWRC vs what happens at the center I'm at. Reasons for the various aspects (especially ways for mental stimulation and size requirements). Also a bit on encouraging natural behaviors. Most likely start off with a brief summary of the behaviors and development based on dogs where there has been more research on the endorphines, various predisposing factors, etc.
Treatment (this is where I want stuff published). In dogs we use a combo of drugs and behavioral modification, the raccoon I saw was more of a lets hope it goes away when he's big enough for the larger group enclosure, and I can't find anything about success rates with that

No they have a drug and alcohol program.

by -

*Individual and Group Therapy/Medical Management
*Individual and Group Counseling
*Family Counseling/Parent Training Sessions
*Individual Skill Training
J*uvenile Sex Awareness Program addressing treatment needs of clients, i.e., sex education, empathy, values, victimization, thinking errors, offense cycles and relapse prevention.
*Survivors Program addressing those boys with identifiable physical and sexual abuse histories.
*Drug and Alcohol Program
*Juvenile Firesetters Program
*Intellectual advancement through individualized instruction

Is this the same FDA that makes

by Hydrogyrophage

Each new drug or therapy cost billions of dollars to develop? Is this the same FDA that causes the vast majority of developed drugs to fail?
I'm not going to get into an involved debate with you here. I'm tired and I'm not up for it. But I do want to mention that the "drug companies" that you're talking about are actually only a part of the drug development industry.
Many drugs are actually developed by small companies, often with fewer than 100 employees. These companies develop potential drugs or therapies and then sell them to a different company

Transmission Of Drug-Resistant HIV On The Rise 3

by future

Another finding of the study: Drug resistance can be used to predict the time it takes for the drugs to control the virus. Resistant virus takes longer to control in patients who normally take a drug regimen that includes three or more drugs, the study showed.In patients infected with drug-resistant virus, it took an average of 12 weeks for the antiretroviral drugs to suppress the viral load to below 500 copies/ml. In patients with drug-sensitive virus, it took only 5 weeks. Some viral suppression was possible in the majority of patients in both groups.
'Checking for drug resistance by looking at the genetic makeup of the virus predicts the time to viral suppression during therapy,' Grant said

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