Cancer drug development pipeline // Drug Repurposing

Cancer drug development pipeline

Our growing understanding of human disease gives us the most promising platform ever to discover and develop medicines that treat disease in new ways. Today, more than 5, 000 designated by the FDA for rare diseases averaged 140 per year in the last 10 years compared to 64 in the previous decade.

Commenting on the growing pipeline, John Lechleiter, Ph.D., chairman, president and CEO of Eli Lilly and Company has said, “Since 2005, the number of new medicines in development has grown by 40 percent. Our industry has been able to advance scientific discovery—along with the roster of potential new medicines—thanks, in part, to a policy environment that enables medical innovation to flourish. Public policies that value intellectual property, a strong regulatory system, and free market access for patients are critical to maintaining a robust innovation ecosystem and continuing to make progress fighting disease."

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First, about dogs and cancer

by Hydrogyrophage

It turns out that there are a handful of therapeutic cancer vaccines for dogs either available or under development. Why in dogs? Because it's far easier and cheaper to move from clinical trials to the market. So it can be done entirely in a regular research lab at a university, rather than being passed among several drug development companies to share the burden of costly clinical trials for human treatments. Once you've got a good vaccine method worked out in dogs, it's cheaper to translate that research into humans than to start from scratch.

Yes, the pharma companies get rich, but

by achilles13

If it wasn't for all the money they made, they couldn't afford the billions of dollars of research and development they do every year to create better medications. Some day these same drug companies you disparage will come up with a cure for cancer and other illnesses that have plagued humans for hundreds of years.
In the 1950s, I would have been hospitalized or in jail for my condition. But, thanks to the miracle of modern medicine, I am able to lead a normal, stable and healthy life. I have no complaints. It all depends on which side of the coin you fall on.
I hear what you are saying though


by depression_blues

I was just speaking with my pdoc a few weeks ago regarding John Falk. Solaris Entertainment is developing a film about him:
And yes, your comments about individual responses to medication/treatment is fascinating. Are you familiar with the field of Pharmacogenomics, which is the development of personalized medicine? Since the genome map was identified, pharmaceutical companies are now factoring in the genetic makeup of patients in their drug development. 30% of women, for example, who suffer from ovarian cancer do not respond to chemotherapy

Geez, i'm so embarrassed...

by DrDrew

...i thought i could hoodwink you but you're obviously too intelligent. i've been exposed...gasp!
are you kidding me?! what are you talking about?
i'm not apologizing for the pharmaceutical industry. what game are you talking about that is "fixed"? so can you actually sit there and say that there have been no advances in the past 20 years on cancer research and extending lives? since you're such a braniac, i'm sure you can spout off stats that say that people die sooner today of cancer (in general) than 10, 20, 30 years ago, right?
i'm not talking about the politics behind drug development, cancer research, etc

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