Biotechnology drug development process // Drug Repurposing

Biotechnology drug development process

PictureWhether you have already developed a conjugation process and simply require a technology transfer or need development of a new conjugation process, Goodwin Biotechnology will partner with you to develop and/or optimize your Cytotoxic Antibody Drug Conjugate (CADC) using a risk-based Quality by Design (QbD) approach.
Selection of an appropriate linker is important, and Goodwin Biotechnology demonstrates tremendous flexibility in this regard. We can:
  • Utilize your proprietary linker, or
  • Employ our proprietary and license-free Linker Technologies, including
  • Non-cleavable, thioether-based SteadFastTM Linker Technology, or
  • Cleavable, disulfide- or hydrazone-based FlexReleaseTM Linker Technology
  • Collaborate with our partners to design and synthesize novel, cleavable linkers based on peptide or other appropriate linkages.
  • For more information on our unique SteadFast™ or FlexRelease™ Linker Technologies, please fill out the form below.
    Moreover, selection of an appropriate cytotoxic payload to which the target cancer cell demonstrates susceptibility is critical, and Goodwin Biotechnology will help to evaluate a payload of the appropriate potency and specificity under the Safebridge or Merck classification systems (e.g., protein toxin, cytotoxic peptide or small molecule cancer drug).

    Goodwin Biotechnology can work with cytotoxic payloads up to Safebridge Level 3 within our own facilities (e.g., doxorubicin or methotrexate); however, for ADCs utilizing highly potent cytotoxic payloads (e.g., maytansine, auristatin, DM4, or tubulysin) requiring a Safebridge level 4 / Merck level 5 facility, GBI has collaborated with Coldstream Laboratories where we seamlessly execute all conjugation processes within Coldstream’s high-containment facilities, from proof-of-concept through late-stage clinical trials and large-scale cGMP manufacturing or commercial products.

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    "FDA believes it is very important for the public to understand how government is overseeing the new foods being introduced into the marketplace and to have confidence in that process. To that end the Agency appreciates this opportunity to describe its processes and procedures to the Committee and to the public, and to clarify what bioengineered food products are and how FDA regulates them.
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    Eugene Goldwasser 88, a largely unsung biochemist whose 20-year pursuit ofan elusive protein led to the development of a widely used drug that became one of the biggest products of the biotechnology industry, diedFriday at his home in Chicago.
    In the late 1970s, Dr. Goldwasser, working at the University of Chicago, isolated and purified erythropoietin, or Epo, a protein that spurs thebody to produce red blood cells. He shared his precious material with a young biotechnology company, which figured out how to produce larger amounts of the protein using genetic engineering. That company, Amgen,became the world's biggest biotechnology company on the basis of Epo

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