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High blood pressure increases risk for stroke and heart disease. Dr. Cheryl Laffer, Director of Vanderbilt Hypertension Clinic, discusses disease prevalence and how the Hypertension Clinic can provide services to help.


Nic Gonzales:          Welcome to this edition of the Vanderbilt University Health and Wellness Wellcast. I am Nic Gonzales with Health Plus.

I am here today with Cheryl Laffer, professor of Medicine for the Division of Clinical Pharmacology. Today, we will be talking about hypertension and the Hypertension Clinic. Cheryl, tell me a little about hypertension and how common it is.

Cheryl Laffer:         It is the most common cardiovascular disease in the western world, and in the US, probably a third of adults have it.  It is number one reason for an adult to go see their doctor actually. So, it is very common. There are nearly 80 million Americans that are diagnosed with hypertension which means high blood pressure.

Nic Gonzales:          Wow, that is a lot of people. How many people actually have hypertension are aware that they have it?

Cheryl Laffer:         Fortunately, more than half a people who have it now know that they have it. Awareness levels have gone up over the years. There is a survey that goes out every couple of years that actually asks people are they taking medicine for high blood pressure and do they know that they have it, etc., and that survey has actually shown that they have better knowledge and awareness, and also, there are more people on treatment than previously, but the numbers of people with hypertension keep going up because we get older and more obese as a society and that is a factor for hypertension.

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