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SUNY Upstate pharmacology graduate student researchTatyana Fedotova, a fifth-year Upstate graduate student in Pharmacology, was among 13 young scientists from across the globe selected to give oral podium presentations at the prestigious international Gordon Research Conferences in Ventura, Calif.

Tatyana, who works in the lab of Richard Wojcikiewicz, PhD, spoke about her discovery of a novel function of a protein complex, and its potential for developing treatments for cancer, neurodegenerative diseases and obesity.

Shortly before her trip to California in March, Tatyana gave a shorter presentation on her project at Upstate’s Student Research Day. All student presentation videos are here.

Tatyana’s research focuses on autophagy (cell degradation, or breakdown) and the role of an endoplasmic reticulum-associated protein complex in that process. She has worked on this project for more than two years, including an entire year that yielded no results in the lab.

“We had a list of 10 hypotheses and eliminated nine of them, ” Tatyana said. When her last hypothesis yielded data and she was finally able to show Wojcikiewicz, her principal investigator, “it was the best day ever.”

“It’s important for researchers to have some freedom, ” Tatyana said. “Richard is great. He guides you when you need guidance, and lets you try out your own ideas. I’m very fortunate to be able to work with him. Since I’ve been here, several of his students have gone on to top post-doctoral positions.”

A crucial part of being a biomedical sciences graduate student is the opportunity to travel to scientific conferences, and Tatyana estimates she’s been to more than a half dozen of them. “Richard thinks it’s very important not only to do the science but to communicate and network with others, ” she said.

Tatyana also said she’s able to take advantage of Upstate’s core research facilities to help make her project proceed efficiently. She plans to defend her PhD thesis later this year.

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by psystudent

One of the drug's many side effects is sleep disturbance, including insomnia and hypersomnia (if i remember my pharmacology books correctly) so it's not that uncommon. I assume that you were on 25 mg before, which is a very small dose (I have seen little kids on 100 in my line of work). Did your doctor tell you why he was upping the meds? do you feel better since you upped them? Unfortunately, sometimes there is a trade of symptoms for side effects, but you must ask yourself which is better for you. Also, there are other anti-deps your doctor could prescribe. good luck.

A question

by DebbieViolette

Hi Clair:
Just to clarify: It sounds like your experience is that the only noticeable physical effect of spiro was breast development, and that only by adding estrogen did you notice skin softening, generalized fat migration, generalized loss of muscle mass, as well as enhanced breast development.
Is this an accurate reading of your post?
Incidentally, this is of course consistent with the side effects of these drugs as described in pharmacology texts. Always nice when the books match reality.

BUrroughs Naked Lunch

by DoctorBenway

I just finished reading Naked Lunch and was suprised at how good it was. I've avoided Burroughs because his writing seemed haphazard and nonsensical (obviously the cut-up books would have that effect) and also because he was way to "hip" and hyped.
However, this book is incredibly good. Part satire, part detective story, part science fiction, part comedy, part Joyce, with a bunch of different argots from medical jargon (pathology, pharmacology) to junkie street slang. The book is an invocation of a mental state of alienation and as such has no linear narrative. It is a series of scenes that seem to me to have the loose thematic connection of how an outsider interfaces with society

Employment law: seeking advice

by jobs2006

Here is a problem solving issue:
Q: You have a pharma sales job that requires home study. Lots of science & pharmacology.
Your job is contingent on a passing grade (A) on all tests. Each test is compounded so from the very beginning you need to do well.
My classmates received their books 3 weeks ago. I just got mine. We have 2 tests next week. I'm at a HUGE disadvantage because there's loads of shit I could've learned during the previous 2-weeks I didn't have the books.
Moving forward, the future weeks will be compressed with having to learn the diseases and the drugs

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