Equine Clinical Pharmacology // Drug Repurposing

Equine Clinical Pharmacology

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Author(s): Joseph Bertone DVM MS Diplo. ACVIM

Language: English


ISBN-13: 849

Format: PDF

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Product Description: Focusing on the therapeutic challenges related to the horse?Вs unique anatomy and physiology,this comprehensive text is the first equine specific,clinical pharmacology and therapeutics text available! Covering the principles and use of pharmaceutical products in the equine,this practical reference is organized by either drug class or,where more pertinent,by system. It also provides comprehensive information on drug dose rates that is summarized alphabetically at the end of the book as a formulary of generic drugs. вh The latest information on therapeutic options for horses is provided,including products recently introduced on the market. вh An alphabetic,generic formulary in the back of the book provides readers with a handy,quick reference. вh Content is clearly cross referenced,making information concise and easy to find. вh A practical systems approach is useful to practitioners and students alike. вh Comprehensive discussions provide a sound basis for making therapeutic decisions in equine practice. Well-referenced content offers readers a solid background in clinical pharmacology and therapeutics.

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