Clinical Pharmacology D r Laurence // Drug Repurposing

Clinical Pharmacology D r Laurence

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The British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology has issued an “expression of concern” for a 2003 review article, based on a previous lecture, with close echoes to a paper that had appeared in one of The Lancet titles.

Here’s the notice for the article, by Peter Winstanley, dean of the Warwick Medical School in the United Kingdom:

The following article ‘Winstanley, P. The contribution of clinical pharmacology to antimalarial drug discovery and development. British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology 2003; 55: 464–8’ was an invited review based on a lecture, published online on 20 May 2003 on the Wiley Online Library. This article is a similar, but updated, version of an article previously published in The Lancet Infectious Diseases, ‘Winstanley, P. (2001), Modern chemotherapeutic options for malaria. The Lancet Infectious Diseases, 1: 242–50’. The Editor of BJCP is satisfied that, while the reduplication of text from the earlier article was not good practice, there is a difference between the earlier and later work. The author, editor and publisher apologize for this failure to follow normal publication practice.

When we try the link to the paper in The Lancet ID, however, it takes us to the BJCP article. Here’s a link that works. The BJCP paper has been cited five times, according to Thomson Scientific’s Web of Knowledge, but one of those cites was by the retraction.

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by Leprechaun58

I find myself in a highly confusing state of affairs at present. Anyone with any college experience ought to be able to sympathize with what I'm going through... any advise would be most helpful.
I spent seven quarters in a BS in nursing program, going through the various rotations... during my second to last quarter, a stupid oversight on a patient case study (failure to cite a source) resulted in my having to withdraw from the clinical course and wait until the present quarter (winter) to re-do the rotation @ Swedish hospital. Up until that point, my GPA was 3.5... worked hard enough and did well enough to get into an exclusive internship and signed a contract to work at a Seattle Hospital come licensure

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Pharmacist Provider Status  — Pharmacy Times
In 2000, North Carolina was able to pass legislation that created a clinical pharmacist practitioner (CPP). We were able to work with the medical director for Medicare's Fiscal Intermediate to allow a CPP to bill for medical care as a provider.