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Clinical Pharmacology courses


Pharmacology involves the study of drugs and chemicals and the way they work on the living beings. Pharmacology courses attempts to explicate what drugs are and the effect they have on our bodies. They explain why patients undergo side effects and the reason why the action of a medicine is diffeent for different individuals. These pharmacology made easy courses help the nurses acquire knowledge about the prescription drugs and over-the-counter drugs and their usages and teach how to apply the knowledge offered by the courses in the real course of events. The courses are referred to as pharmacology for nurses.

You can take pharmacology for nurses while pursuing a nursing degree course, be it an associate’s degree course or a bachelor’s program. The nursing professionals who are already licensed to do the job and have a graduate or equivalent degree in nursing can attend the pharmacology made easy programs separately to advance in their career. These courses help the nurses to refresh the knowledge acquired in their degree courses and stay abreast with the current development in the world of pharmacology.

As already stated, the candidates can attend the pharmacology made easy programs online. No matter where you are, if you have a computer and internet connection, you can easily attend the tutorials. The information offered in the pharmacology for nurses or basic pharmacology courses basically emphasize on drug administration and the side effects that various drugs have. However, the knowledge provided in these vocational courses is not as intensive as that offered by the degree courses. But, these courses can offer the basic understanding about drugs and help the nurses to perform their task with utmost proficiency.

Various topics are dealt with in the pharmacology courses. To cite an example, you will be given the fundamental knowledge about how the medicines act in a human body and how different drugs are classified. These vocational courses focus on vocabulary and terminology of medications.

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Change in major/career this far into it?

by Leprechaun58

I find myself in a highly confusing state of affairs at present. Anyone with any college experience ought to be able to sympathize with what I'm going through... any advise would be most helpful.
I spent seven quarters in a BS in nursing program, going through the various rotations... during my second to last quarter, a stupid oversight on a patient case study (failure to cite a source) resulted in my having to withdraw from the clinical course and wait until the present quarter (winter) to re-do the rotation @ Swedish hospital. Up until that point, my GPA was 3.5... worked hard enough and did well enough to get into an exclusive internship and signed a contract to work at a Seattle Hospital come licensure

Wiley-Blackwell Medical Pharmacology at a Glance
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Pharmacist Provider Status  — Pharmacy Times
In 2000, North Carolina was able to pass legislation that created a clinical pharmacist practitioner (CPP). We were able to work with the medical director for Medicare's Fiscal Intermediate to allow a CPP to bill for medical care as a provider.