Clinical Ocular Pharmacology // Drug Repurposing

Clinical Ocular Pharmacology

From OPTOM 261 – Clinical

1.0 out of 5 stars Briefer, but not more concise...Sept. 16 2008

By Andrew P. Kluka -

I own every single edition of Clinical Ocular Pharmacology. The first edition of this work did an excellent job in pointing out basic pharmaceutical priniciples to start the work off. The second edtion did this to a lesser extent and subsequent edtions ignored them all together.

Editons three and beyond DID gradually expand specific Ocular treatment plans and disease descriptions more and more.

Then this edtion came along.

Certain drugs, which had been discussed in every single prior edtion were not even mentioned, and the treatment given to diseases and pharmaceuticals alike was abbreviatd.

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There's ton's of cool stuff on this, but i

by blackskimmer

Couldn't find a simple table showing the relationship to size and lifespan! i know i've seen 'em in books. keep googling, it's got to be out there!
here's a peek at the stuff out there:
First published online April 26, 2005
Journal of Experimental Biology 208, 1717-1730 (2005)
Published by The Company of Biologists 2005
doi: 10.1242/jeb.01556 This Article
Review article: Lifespan, reproduction and ecology
Body size, energy metabolism and lifespan
John R. Speakman

Does none of this count?

by spring13

Ibn Sīnā is regarded as a father of modern medicine,[17][18] and clinical pharmacology[19] particularly for his introduction of systematic experimentation and quantification into the study of physiology,[20] his discovery of the contagious nature of infectious diseases,[21] the introduction of quarantine to limit the spread of contagious diseases, the introduction of experimental medicine, evidence-based medicine, clinical trials,[22] randomized controlled trials,[23][24] efficacy tests,[25][26] clinical pharmacology,[25] neuropsychiatry,[27] risk factor analysis, the idea of the syndrome,[28] and the importance of dietetics and the influence of climate and environment on health

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