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What is Auto-Immune Disease?

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The body attacks itself. This is not supposed to happen! This happens when we mess with the environment. When we’re able to go in and clean up the environment, we allow the body to do it’s job and heal itself. The body has an innate intelligence, it’s amazing, because the body can actually heal given half a chance.

Here’s some of the behind-the-scenes info on the immune system and how it works: Lymphocytes (White Blood Cells or WBC) regulate the body’s response of foreign agents (gluten, sugar, alcohol, lack of sleep and exercise, stress, toxins, heavy metals). There’s two classes of WBC, B and T cells, and in a healthy immune system they need to be in balance. In a compromised immune system one tends to dominate over another and suppress it. Oy vey.

T Cells make proteins called cytokines, and cytokines cause inflammation. Inflammation is a normal and absolutely necessary part of the immune system when it comes to our body’s response to injury or infection. The problem is that when the T cell balance is out of whack, they produce more cytokines than we need and BAM you’re looking at inflammation of a whole body system, or organ. So how does the T Cell balance get thrown off? It could be trauma, chronic stress, environmental toxicity and all the things I wrote about in this post.

When you’re already overstressed, under-nourished and fatigued, even certain foods can cause cytokines to jump into high gear. Thing is, when food is not well digested (from eating quickly and not chewing your food (!), stress etc), and when the intestinal lining is not-so-healthy which is the case for most of us as a result of antibiotics, gluten and other toxins, leaky gut can develop and then food can go where it’s not intended to go, activating your immune system and causing an inflammatory response. Check out this fascinating article about the brain/gut connection in the Wall Street Journal a few months ago and my favorite, Dr. Mark Hyman, talking about Auto-Immune Disease in a short video.

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"GMOs cause Gluten Disorders, Auto-immune and Neurological Diseases
Posted on March 21, 2011 by nicholascorrin
Monsanto is generating new disease complexes
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by RAgirl

There are several forms of arthritis, i think close to 300. arthritis is a general term for inflammation of the joint. rheumatoid arthritis is an auto-immune disease, meaning that the immune system is causing the inflammation by attacking the synovium (lining of joints). i've heard glucosumine is great for joints, but not so much for RA. apparently different treatments help different forms of arthritis. yes, i was diagnosed with this. they ran various tests on my synovial fluid and blood. mostly RA factor, SED rate and C reative protein. do you have arthritis? what are your symptoms and where

Divorce w/ kids...what to do

by sckntrd

I'm asking that same question right now. Maybe we can share our info and lean on each other for support.
I'm a 40+ Mom with two young kids. My DH is a responsible worker and provider, but has personal issues with communication and has been a problem drinker in the last half of our marraige. To top it off...I am now very sick with auto-immune disease and severe anemia. He is clueless and doesn't get how stessful it is for me to just try to survive day to day sharing the same space. We don't talk, we don't have "relations". We do go to counseling, but it's a stalemate...no progress

Vaccine Induced Immune Overload and the Epidemic of Chronic Autoimmune ..  — The People's Voice
Family studies indicate type 1 diabetes is linked to the development of several different autoimmune diseases including organ specific autoimmune diseases and rheumatoid diseases.

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