Types of autoimmune Disorders // Drug Repurposing

Types of autoimmune Disorders

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On Sunday night, there was a mosquito on my leg. I slapped it, and there was an itchy mosquito bite. I scratched it, and it really hurt! I looked down to see the beginnings of this huge bruise. I literally watched the hematoma spreading under my skin. It was one of the weirdest things I’ve ever seen.

My question is, why would the organism, attack to itself, and to the organs in general... I'm not talking about cancers of course... I just can't understand why do disorders like these exist (eg. hashimoto thyroiditis) and how can be caused... Is is something hereditary? How are these disorders caused, where is their "source", since it's not an external factor? Oh, and if you answer based on sth else, please post the source too... Thank you. Oh yeah, I forgot. I also want some SERIOUS ANSWERS. Thanks, again.
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Not hot baths

by malfi

Fibromyalgia is an autoimmune disorder, like rheumatoid athritis. Tends to be genetic, so runs in families. Other types of autoimmune disorders are chronic fatigue syndrome, Chrohn's disease, and more. My sister just had a knee replacement due to RA, and she is extremely sensitive to pain, so right now she's having a really hard time.
Hot baths would probaly help fibromyalgia, I would think, as it helps relax muscle tissue and the mind.
I'm also qualified as a massage therapist but I never heard hot baths would make it worse. Not that I'm doubting what you say, it just sounds odd.

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