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Cures for autoimmune disease

Autoimmune DiseaseAutoimmune disease is a disease in which an auto immune response is developed when the body mistakenly treats the tissues or organs of the body as foreign and attacks them. Allergies, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, lupus, inflammatory bowel disease, Hashimoto’s syndrome and Grave’s disease are some of the symptoms of autoimmune diseases.

Autoimmune disease affects gastrointestinal, nervous and endocrine system. Skin, blood, eye, blood vessel and connective tissues are usually affected with this disease.edema exercises Women are more commonly affected with this disease than men.Genetic as well as environmental factors are responsible for the occurrence of this disease. Loss of memory, lack of oxygen, energy imbalance and lack of minerals are some of the causes associated with autoimmune disease.


Exercise is beneficial for the patients suffering from autoimmune disease.Avoid Gas-Causing Food Doing exercise on a regular basis is one of the best natural therapies for treating the disease.It helps in strengthening the muscles around the joints and improving the flexibility of body.

It is also helpful in improving sleep and the mental attitude of the patients.Apart from exercise, yoga and meditation are also good relaxation techniques that are useful for the treatment of the disease. Deep breathing exercise is also a good method that provides relief from this disease.

Nutritional Supplements

Nutritional supplements are beneficial for the treatment of autoimmune disease. Vitamins are also useful for treating the disease. Vitamin C and vitamin D are some of the vitamins that are good for the health of patients.These vitamins are helpful in treating the immune response in natural way. Probiotics are also beneficial for the patients suffering from autoimmune disease.

Aromatherapy Herbs Homeopathy Vitamin D Green Leafy Vegetables

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Anemia/thrombocytopenia treatment in dog

by MedWriter

About 3 weeks ago my 90-lb mixed breed dog was diagnosed with autoimmune anemia and thrombocytopenia (low platelets). His vet started him on high-dose prednisone and antibiotics for prevention. His blood counts have responded well. Vet also eliminated various pathogens as the cause. Here’s my concern: He now seems even more lethargic and weak than he did before starting treatment: couldn’t make it up the stairs this morning; barely wants to walk to the end of the block. Appetite is very good. I know that prednisone can lead to weakness/fatigue, but I’m concerned that his unusual lethargy may be more than should be expected

Recommend vet for autoimmune disease?

by louies_mom

Hello to all,
I have a dog who I believe has autoimmune problems of some sort, possibly SLE (systemic lupus). He has also recently had pancreatitis which complicates his treatment options, since he can't have cortisone.
He's being seen by a dermatologist who is running some tests this week, and he has a regular vet as well, who has started him on treatment.
The two vets are offering conflicting advice, and from my own research I am not convinced that either of them is very knowledgeable about autoimmune disorders, so I am starting to think that we need to see ONE vet who is familiar with these kinds of problems, that I can place my full trust and confidence in

Viral initiated autoimmune diseases? Any current

by PhageDude

I know there is an ever so slight link between Staph infections initiating Bechet's Disease (a horrible autoimmune disorder which I would not wish upon anyone).
It wouldn't surprise me at all to see a viral link.
Then we just have to find a cure, or at least a treatment that doesn't involve chemotherapy agents that make your hair fall out or sleep for two days straight.....

Addison's is an autoimmune disease

by just_browsing

So there's probably some relationship between that and allergies. Not to say that all AD dogs will have allergies but the likelihood would be higher.
"goofy" isn't an AD trait but dog's reaction to treatment/stress will alter some behavior. My dog is more energetic, more insane the day after I give her a shot. She feels fantastic. At the end of her cycle, when her electrolytes are dropping, she feels a little off and is more reserved. And since she's on pred, she's wired just a little tighter than she used to be.

Update: Autoimmune disease, attacking spinal

by 5150PRN

Cord and brain.
I posted last week about my dogs diagnosis and treatment. I picked her up last Wednesday from Davis. Today, a week later she's doing MUCH better. Almost her old self. It was gradual, I could see slight improvement everyday. Hopefully she'll keep improving and stay healthy.
later you guys!

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