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Autoimmune system

autoimmune-infertility-2This is a follow-up article to Part 1 of this series, Autoimmune Infertility which was published in the March 2011 Autoimmunity edition of NDNR. This was one of our most popular articles on our blog and many people were requesting more updated information. As such I have compiled the latest research in this field to date. As this is an ever-evolving and very new field of medicine, more updates will likely be posted in the future.

Women with autoimmunity experience greater rates of infertility than average(1). Although long underestimated, the immune system plays a significant role in both normal and abnormal reproduction. Autoimmunity has been well-investigated for its role in recurrent pregnancy loss and implantation failure(2). In recent years immunologic endocrinology, the interaction between immune system and hormones, has also become a topic of interest.

Immunology and Infertility

The immune system must be in a specific state for fertility and pregnancy to occur. Firstly, pregnancy is a TH2 dominant state. In patients who remain TH1 dominant, there is an increased association with pregnancy loss and miscarriage(3). T regulatory cells also play an important role in fertility, and it has been found that patients who have a higher level of serum T regulatory cells have better fertility outcomes(4). Low levels of T regulatory cells have also been implicated in infertility related to endometriosis(5), unexplained infertility(6), and miscarriage(7). Low T regulatory cells are also found in a wide variety of autoimmune disorders(8). Other cellular and molecular factors that affect fertility such as natural killer cells and antiphospholipid antibodies were covered in the first part of this series.

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Try the allergy meds for a week or two......

by beatgirl

And clean the house thoroughly. close the door to your childrens' bedroom so the cat can't go in. i have had severe allergies to cats since i was about four years old, which has always bummed me out because i love them. just be careful because chronic allergies can lead to scar tissue buildup in the lungs and sinuses. it sounds like your kids are having pretty strong reactions. if they don't improve you should probably rehome the kitten. constant reaction of the autoimmune system is not good for their health.

Very bad news about Rolo the stray

by debandbee

I just wanted to let you know that unfortunately, I had to have Rolo put down this afternoon. The last couple of days she had gotten really sick again. Took her in and found out she had an autoimmune system disease. She would have had to have spent the rest of her life on antibiotics. The vet said that even though she was wagging her tail from time to time, she was not feeling very good which is why she may have bit my SO and why she tried to attack someone today as well. Anyway, after talking to a few rescue organizations, they all said that they woudl not be able to take her because she was sick and probably unadoptable

Okay...Vitamin C....lots!!!

by Just_I_and_Me

Vit C helps with the symptoms...lessens them...also, boosts autoimmune system to help fight the yukkies...
Honey...try it...I mean the honey from bees...sheesh!!!
Lots of organic stuff in it to fight and cure lots of things
Plenty of fluids...
Keep warm...and, dry...and, comfy (especially, mentally)
Take two aspirins...and, pay the bill I send you ...promptly, thank you


by turnerBroadcasting

Old is a runaway inflammation response of the autoimmune system when the human telomere hits its critical entropy at age 30. and then on seven year cycles the slow disease consumes you in waves.
ever seen a horse with a big puffed up leg? it doesn't go away fast. it goes away... sloo how you die. body slowly eats itself because its own inflammation response goes astray.
there's a shot to cure it. but it gives ya cancer.

Sounds wonderful! No problem with asking.

by Poms-Rotties

I don't have the strength and energy it takes plus my coordination and reflexes are sometimes a little off. It would be too dangerous for me to get hurt as I don't heal very well. An injury even if minor could be fatal.
I have bone marrow cancer (also known as blood cancer) that affects my entire body. I'm on two different types of meds (recently started chemo meds) to suppress my autoimmune system which is attacking every organ in my body.
I had to let go of two of my horses with the exception of my Palomino which I've had since he was 22 months old and trained him myself

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