Autoimmune Liver diseases // Drug Repurposing

Autoimmune Liver diseases

scheme for serological differentiation of type 1 AIH and type 2 autoimmune hepatitisThe reason for my renewed interest is that we brought four more ELISA tests for liver diagnostics to the market two weeks ago. They are the Anti-LKM-1, Anti-SLA, Anti-gp210, and Anti-Sp100 tests, all designed for fully automated autoimmune diagnosis with our Alegria system. All four test systems assist the formulation of a diagnosis when autoimmune hepatitis (AIH) and primary biliary cirrhosis (PBC) are suspected, or for differential diagnosis when another disorder of the liver is assumed.

Autoimmune diseases of the liver

The requirements for successful treatment of liver disease naturally include a precise diagnosis. As a result, unexplained elevated liver enzymes generally lead the treating physician on a complicated search for the source of the abnormally elevated liver values.This scheme shows relevant autoantibodies for serodiagnosing autoimmune liver diseases. In addition to anamnesis and clinical findings, laboratory tests and the correct interpretation of the laboratory results play a critical role in this process.

If the doctor is able to rule out alcohol abuse, drug-induced hepatitis, and viral hepatitis (for example hepatitis B, C, or D), and if nothing points to hemochromatosis, alpha-1-antitrypsin deficiency, or Wilson’s disease (also called: hepatolenticular degeneration), the most likely suspects remaining are autoimmune liver diseases.

In cases of autoimmune liver disease, the body loses its ability to tolerate its own hepatocellular or cholangiocellular tissues in the liver. The causes of these diseases remain a mystery.

When it comes to autoimmune diseases of the liver, there are essentially three conditions to differentiate:

  1. autoimmune hepatitis (AIH), of which there are two variants, type 1 AIH and type 2 AIH.
  2. primary biliary cirrhosis (PBC)
  3. primary sclerosing cholangitis (PSC)

The individual clinical presentations of these diseases may overlap, which is what makes the appraisal and interpretation of laboratory values, as well as the formation of a diagnosis, so difficult for these autoimmune diseases. Overlap syndromes are particularly common between autoimmune hepatitis and PBC; overlap between the autoimmune liver diseases and viral hepatitis C is also not uncommon. (Here you will find a .)

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Bummy, My dad had 3 autoimmune diseases

by -

In his lifetime. The first was ulcerative colitis, the second was alopecia areata and the third was liver disease. Now, granted the third one eventually took his life but he was 79 and had lived a full life.
My point is that not everyone with autoimmune diorders are sickly all the time. My dad wasn't. Very rarely missed a day of work.
If you want to blame somrthing, maybe you should blame (in part) the fact that you smoke. Or maybe you just don't like work much.

Thank you for caring

by Paigevz

No he's too old for the list. He's 74.
I know exactly what to watch for, my husband has autoimmune hepatitis.......he's in remission now though, but of course I looked up EVERYTHING.
Isn't it weird my husband and father would get autoimmune diseases that affect the liver?
I think something's wrong with all these immune problems.

I'd recommend OraGel too, I use it on lots of

by GreenForNow

Things to numb them up. I've been using it all this week as I'm having a terrible shingles outbreak on my back, the joys of autoimmune diseases, shingles every three months instead of once in your life or never at all, lol.
I would try to get your insurance to approve the spray if they will because it will be stronger % of lidocaine, so probably last longer, it should also be cheaper in the long run as OraGel can add up quickly if you use it enough to really help.
Tylenol is not safe at high doses or for chronic use. It can cause as much liver damage as a prescription medication

Springer Autoimmune Liver Disease
Book (Springer)

Slain Tampa detective's daughter pulls through transplant surgery  —
Jones, 39, suffered from autoimmune hepatitis. The Tampa Bay area participated in fund-raising efforts earlier this year that brought in about $100,000 toward the cost of surgery.