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Autoimmune Hive Issue I have an autoimmune issue which involves my immune system over reacting and sending out a ton of extra fluid. This extra fluid collects in my joints and muscles and makes me sore and stiff all over. It also causes huge itchy hives which are also very painful to the touch.

My doctor usually puts me on steroids (prednisone ) which makes me gain huge amounts of weight. This time I'm refusing to go on the steroids and I was wondering if anyone around here has had success dealing with autoimmune hives in another way?

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HI AUNTY ~ I used to get bad hives too, esp as a kid and teenager; sometimes, they were as big as an apple - big round red blotches on my arms, legs, and stomach. I also get some of those itchy ones and they are often caused by things like wool, mohair, and different kinds of soaps and perfumes. They weren't sure what caused the big ones, but thought maybe stress or anxiety ...

Anyhow, hives are hives and no fun; so they gave me CHLORATRIPELON (sp) pills and they worked wonders for me - always took the worst hives and itchies away. These are hard to find these days though and one that is close is BENADRYL allergy pills and they work OK too. You can also get a prescription for something similar too, but not sure what it is called.

caryesings's AvatarOne time I got a bad reaction to a sunburn; hives all over my back and man did that burn and itch like crazy - the doctor gave me a strong prescription that took them right away. This may not be caused by the same thing, but they might work well enuff that you wouldn't have to take the steroids which I hear makes people so hungry that they overeat and then gain weight.


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While steroids work on the symptoms, the side effects are terrible, as you are learning. so good for you for looking at alternatives. Benedryl might help the hives, but learning what triggers you might be helpful too.
A rheumatologist might be helpful, and so might a good naturopath. The latter can be expensive as they are not covered, and also not regulated, so finding a good "fit" can be difficult. But many people with "odd" diseases find it as helpful and medical remedies, and often less toxic. Hope you find some help with it. What else are you on, like low dose aspirin? I know for lupus that is often helpful.

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