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Autoimmune hepatitis

Autoimune Hepatitis

Autoimmune Hepatitis

Autoimmune hepatitis is an immune disease that is found predominantly in women, characterized by chronic liver damage and systemic manifestations. Autoimmune hepatitis is a relatively rare disease, given the fact that the diagnosis is often missed. Generally the discovery of autoimmune hepatitis is usually in a patient with chronic liver pain, marked hypergammaglobulinemia with fever, arthralgia and negative viral markers. In these cases, immunological markers such as ANA, LKM 1, SMA are positive.


The exact cause of autoimmune hepatitis is not know, but it is assumed that due to a genetic predisposition or exogenous factors, there is a loss of immune tolerance to the liver tissue, transforming it from self to non-self. Among the exogenous factors, hepatitis C often trigger an autoimmune hepatitis, rarely hepatitis B can determine this disease. Some drugs can trigger autoimmune hepatitis (alpha methyldopa). Immune response target is a membrane protein called liver specific protein, which by some mechanism it is turning from self, into non-self and will become cytotoxic.

Autoimune HepatitisSymptoms:

The onset of autoimmune hepatitis occurs in young women or over 40 years old and it is characterized by fatigue, asthenia, fever, arthralgia.

Immune manifestations are variable and consist of:

  • Autoimmune thyroiditis;
  • Amenorrhea;
  • Autoimmune hemolytic anemia;
  • Rheumatoid arthritis;
  • Autoimmune glomerulonephritis;
  • Thrombocytopenic purpura.

Paraclinical examination:

Laboratory tests show signs of liver damage and immune signs:

Signs of liver damage are:

  • Elevated transaminases (AST, ALT);
  • Slightly decreased serum albumin;
  • Normal bilirubin;
  • Gammaglobulins greatly increased.

Specific immune changes in autoimmune hepatitis are:

  • Antinuclear Antibodies (ANA);
  • Smoth Muscle Antibodies (SMA);
  • Liver Kidney Microsomal Antibodies (LKM 1);
  • Liver Specific Protein Antibodies (LSP).

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Stagnant liver is a chinese medicine diagnosis

by hotbuttonissue

That kind of relates to the western medicine conception of liver disease, and kind of not.
if you google your diagnosis words (biliary cirrhosis, autoimmune hepatitis) and TCM or traditional chinese medicine you might get some info, but really you have to go to a practitioner to get treatment, especially for a specific disease or disease process.
i've had great experiences with acupuncture in the past, and now with the herbs+acupuncture as well.
your things sound serious - i hope you find treatment that helps you.

Settled down too much, and not the way I wanted

by bullydawg

If you recall, I was planning a cross-country trip this summer while on sabbatical. That leave, unfortunately, has become medical leave, with minimal travelling allowed, since I'm in my physician's office every three weeks. At some point in the past few years I developed autoimmune hepatitis and scleroderma, most likely while fighting off some obscure bug that I had picked up--sent my immune system into overdrive and caused it to start attacking my liver. I had all the symptoms of mono (which is really funny at my age) and my liver enzymes were off the charts, so, here I sit, with only short trips allowed here and there until I see the Gastroenterologist next week

A young person with a diseased liver

by --TS--

Could be due to any of the hepatitis viruses, like Hep A (which had an outbreak a few years back, because Chili's didn't wash its feces contaminated imported green onions from Mexico).
Or various autoimmune diseases, or other congenital diseases, such as metabolic disorders.
But here is the thing. Liver transplants completely cure most of those illnesses. The crazy thing about the liver is it regenerates itself. So, even transplanting a piece of a liver is sucessful.

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Slain Tampa detective's daughter pulls through transplant surgery  —
Jones, 39, suffered from autoimmune hepatitis. The Tampa Bay area participated in fund-raising efforts earlier this year that brought in about $100,000 toward the cost of surgery.

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