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How I kicked my Autoimmune Disease into Remission.By on

Its been a LONG Journey. almost 3 solid years of chronic pain. Today, I am living virtually pain free. I decided to share my story to give you hope- because you CAN get better too.. I don't care what your health circumstances.

In the winter of 2009 at the age of 25 I became pregnant. It was a surprise, but we were overjoyed. With that pregnancy came HORRIBLE morning sickness. Or so that's what I thought. In reality I was having severe sinus issues and my digestion became a complete mess. Headaches, nausea from post nasal drip, headaches. Each day was a struggle. Then, just as I entered the second trimester I miscarried. My health from that point on was never the same.

Months after the pregnancy my digestion continued to be off balance. One morning 6 months after the miscarriage I woke up with a stabbing pain in my right side.. as if someone was jabbing a pencil into me, over and over. That began the serious quest to get better.

Doctor after doctor after doctor. No one knew what was wrong. I tested negative for celiac and my health looked perfect on every other front according to bloodtests. . I suspected hypothyroidism as it runs in my family. But my doctors refused to treat me for that. Finally after seeing my 2nd gastroenterologist I was told my gallbladder was acting up. I did not have gallstones, but yet it was over- working and causing me the cramping and stabbing sensation. It took 7 months to get that diagnosis. During that time frame my digestion literally came to a hault. I became dependent on laxatives and fiber, which barely worked.

My gallbladder was removed, with the promise that my health would return to a perfect state thereafter. What they found during surgery.. was an extremely inflamed organ. I thought my struggles were over.. little did I know they had just began!

The stabbing pain went away, but my digestion worsened. Again I went on the circuit to find a doctor to figure me out. During this time I was in and out of the emergency room with heartburn so severe I was afraid to eat. I was exhausted, cold, my hair was falling out, my face and eyelids always puffy, I had muscle and joint pain so severe it was impossible to get out of bed some days. I was falling apart and no one could tell me why.

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Anti-NMDA receptor autoimmune encephalitis

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"Encephalitis, or inflammation of the brain, usually is the result of a viral infection, but it also can be caused by bacteria, fungi or parasites—or, as doctors now realize, by an autoimmune disorder.
In the case of anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis, severe brain inflammation occurs when the immune system attacks special proteins on the surface of nerve cells in the brain called NMDA receptors. These receptors control various cognitive functions, mood, behavior and personality traits—so when they are compromised, the brain malfunctions

Anyone deal with autoimmune issues after baby

by tracy12345

About three months after he was born in 2011 I started to feel not good, went to a bunch of doctors, found out i have hashimoto thyroiditis, more bloodwork and i have pernicious anemia(dont absorb b12 from how it was explained to me), and then he did a fasting glucose test based on me telling him some things that were happening, and the end of the 3 hour glucose test blood sugar was 59. the endo said i have to go and see yet another doctor, cause he is concerned that my immune system is attacking my pancreas cells and i could develop type 1 diabetes.
they are saying that the pregnan

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