Autoimmune Disorders // Drug Repurposing

Autoimmune Disorders

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The word "disorder" doesn't mean it's not

by wallaroo

A disability.
There are many disorders that are serious disabilities, for instance "seizure disorders"
"neurological disorders" i.e. epilepsy, migraine, narcolepsy.
"Autoimmune disorders" i.e. AIDS, MS, LUPUS etc.
"GastroIntestinal Disorders" i.e. IBS, colon cancer
Hopefully you get the idea if not let me know I'd be glad to continue until you understand.

Pay attention. Many disorders such as lung

by OneMoreTry----

Disease, kidney disease, and autoimmune disorders require people to take a medication called PREDNISONE. That drug, although it keeps you alive, will pack around 100 pounds on you the first year you take it. You are far too ill to be exercising if you need to be put on it to start with. It is a last ditch med, a steriod, not taken lightly.
But you think that person should be out walking and die to suit you.
What an ignoramus you are, shame on you and your myopic little mind.

I have 3 autoimmune disorders

by Alenushka

And 2 kids.....and I had TIA
as mcuh as having a little girl would be fun....I would not have another child. It would be irresoable and self indulgetn. I did the normal thing twice. Me dying and elaving kids prhans or my conditio getting worse etc etc etc
it just would not be good
Having children is not the most genrous thing you can do. I do not kow where is dellusiong started
It is stress on the Earth. your other kids......your husband etc etc etc

Dear caregiver

by daisymayusa79

I know that they are incorrect about prednisone. My brother and cousin were on it long-term for autoimmune disorders. they gained so much weight.
I think the right idea is to
a) ask your doctor about the cravings
b) keep substitutes (sugar-free pudding)
c) do not have any cake mix or actual chocolate in the house. That way it's very inconvenient to deal with the craving (you'd have to go to the store)
d) keep as FULL as possible on healthy food. Then if you give into temptation, you will probably at least eat less of it

MacroGenics, Takeda to develop DART to treat autoimmune disorders  — Pharmaceutical Business Review
.. Research Division Tetsuyuki Maruyama said the company is happy to be collaborating with MacroGenics, given its expertise in exploring ways to harness the power of the immune system to treat complex, difficult diseases, including autoimmune disorders.