Autoimmune diseases treatment // Drug Repurposing

Autoimmune diseases treatment

Single Cycle Manufacturing Process: Annual Course of Treatment (5 Doses) From One Blood Draw


  • Opexa's Phase IIb trial in secondary-progressive multiple sclerosis (SPMS) seems to be running nicely.
  • The SPMS market in North America could exceed $7 billion.
  • The company is now considering adding a new disease indication to its immunotherapy platform.

"We haven't given guidance as to which disease we are targeting, but the number of potential T-cell mediated autoimmune diseases is numerous, " president and CEO Neil Warma says in an interview with

TERMS Study: Prospective Analysis in More Active or Progressive PatientsMr. Warma says that the company is doing a lot of the upfront work in evaluating potential new autoimmune disease targets, and is currently having discussions with thought leaders and clinicians about how T-cell immunotherapy applies to their disease areas.

Based in The Woodlands, TX, Opexa calls its autoimmune platform technology, "precision immunotherapy, " which in many ways uses the same personalized medicine approach that researchers are developing in oncology.

In multiple sclerosis (MS), Mr. Warma explains that a faulty immune system is not able to prevent the attack of so-called myelin-reactive T-cells (MRTC). These cells cross the blood brain barrier, enter the brain and bind to antigen presenting cells, causing a release of inflammatory cytokines.

These cytokines destroy the protective myelin sheath coating of nerve fibers, and also destroy oligodendroglial cells, which are responsible for producing myelin, he adds.

Opexa's lead therapy, Tcelna (imilecleucel-T), is an autologous immunotherapy specifically tailored to each patient's immune response profile to myelin. Tcelna is designed to reduce the number and/or functional activity of specific subsets of MRTC that attack myelin.

Mr. Warma points out that Opexa's method for the production of Tcelna consists of the collection of blood from an MS patient to screen for several peptides that present to T-cells, followed by a 28-day expansion of the antigen-specific T-cells that are doing the damage.

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I'm so sorry to hear about your daughter

by 3master

I'm so sorry to hear about your daughter. My daughter is 9, and I can't imagine what you might be going thru right now. From the bottom of my heart, I want to share this information with you: I have 2 Autoimmune system diseases. Doctors usually don't know a good course of treatment for these (I know it by experience). The latest discovery of the century (told by doctors all over the world) is Transfer Factors, there's a formula in the market that boost the immune system by 437%. Do you know anything about these?

Notice how you got no reply to a perfectly

by Oakland_43

Reasonable question?
Religion is about social control and the power of "priests" using magic and superstition.
There are, however, a few truly religious and good "priests" but I doubt that they are more numerous than honest people of integrity who are not religious.
Good luck with your daughter's treatment. By the way, sometimes Crohn's disease can be cured with unconventional means. It might be an autoimmune disease and if it is like other autoimmune diseases, you have to find a way of "tricking" the body into not seeing the intestine lining as "other" and attacking them

Do we really speak in terms such as 'cured'?

by -

Abstract and Introduction
Background: Intense immunosuppression plus stem-cell transplantation (SCT) has emerged as a new treatment modality for patients with refractory, severe rheumatic autoimmune disease. Its rationale is based on eliminating autoaggressive lymphocytes by lympho-or myeloablative conditioning followed by stem-cell rescue. Preclinical studies in animal models of autoimmune disease and observations in patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) who were cured after allogeneic bone marrow transplantation for concomitant hematologic malignancy have provided support for the concept

ImmuPharma extends research ties in France; files for patents on new peptide  — Proactive Investors UK
.. the success ImmuPharma has already demonstrated with our patented peptide for Lupuzor,” said the company's chief scientific officer Dr Robert Zimmer. Lupuzor, for the autoimmune disease lupus, is a phase III-ready drug with blockbuster potential.

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