Autoimmune diseases list // Drug Repurposing

Autoimmune diseases list

1) When you wake up in the morning, you feel more like a dizzy 2x4 than a human being

2) "Jump out of bed" = lol
3) You are Psychic : You know when it's going to rain or snow before the weather channel

4) At least once, a sick spouse or friend has said to you "well at least you're USED to this! I feel awful!"
We get used to it now?!

5) At least one medical professional has advised you that all you need to do is "get more sleep and excercise'" to feel better. HA!! Bonus if you have been informed that its "all in your head".

6) Whenever you see a Lyrica commercial, you can't help laughing the ridiculous "amazing results" they promise.


7) When you are able to speak in full, complete sentences with no grammatical or vocabulary errors, and maybe even some wit or humour thrown in, you stop and think "wow, did I just say that?! woohoo!!"

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My low temps

by wishing-n-hoping

Were all oral. I know that vag temps are generally higher.
Mine are low, but i have a lot of other things from the laudry list. Like other autoimmune diseases such as diabetes and RH, brittle nails (despite beig on pre-natals over 7 months), weight gain, eyebrow hair loss, heavy flow/cramps, dry skin, tired/sluggishness, depression.
Granted lots of those could be attribute to other illnesses, but having the other autoimmune diseases that go hand-in-hand are why i'm concerned.

ImmuPharma extends research ties in France; files for patents on new peptide  — Proactive Investors UK
.. the success ImmuPharma has already demonstrated with our patented peptide for Lupuzor,” said the company's chief scientific officer Dr Robert Zimmer. Lupuzor, for the autoimmune disease lupus, is a phase III-ready drug with blockbuster potential.

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