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Autoimmune deficiency diseases

Regarding selenium deficiency -

Thus, selenium malabsorption in CD (celiac disease) can be thought as a key factor directly leading to thyroid and intestinal damage.


Ann Ist Super Sanita. 2010;46(4):389-399.

It is no medical mystery that gluten can cause vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Selenium is a mineral with multiple functions within the body. A short list of some of selenium’s more common roles is listed below:

  • It plays a role in the production of active thyroid hormone (see chart below).
  • It is a powerful anti-inflammatory and helps to regulate immune function.
  • It plays a role in blood viscosity (reduces excessive clotting of the blood).
  • It drives the most powerful antioxidant system in the body.

This study points out that no only does gluten induced selenium deficiency cause abnormal thyroid hormone production, it leads to excessive inflammation and autoimmune disease.

In previous posts we have discussed how going on a gluten free diet can lead to fat loss. This is one of those mechanisms as hypothyroid disease is a common manifestation of gluten intolerance.

It is time for doctors to start ruling out gluten sensitivity and celiac disease in patients with thyroid disease. It is time for doctors to start recognizing the therapeutic benefit of a gluten free diet. If you think that this information will help someone you love suffering with a thyroid problem, please forward this along.

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Could a paralyzed diaphragm be caused from a

by -ambwmn1210-

C-section? I had a live x-ray done last week due to a breathing problem that I have been having since my c-section 6 months ago. my doctor call me yesterday and said that my right diaphragm / lung was elevated quite a bit higher then my left and didn’t appear to be working at all.
She is sending me to see a neurologist and lung specialist but wasn’t able to tell me what could be done to help. She is going to test me for a couple autoimmune deficiency diseases that could possible cause a paralyzed diaphragm next week.
She also asked me to get all my files from my stay in the hospital and all the tests they did so she can look it to what else could have caused this and why it’s just now being diagnosed

Yes, deficiency effects SOME immune function

by lnfinity

First, are you arguing that that large of a percentage of the staff was vitamin D deficient, or do you believe that vitamin D mega-dosing is in ANY way beneficial?
It is well established that if someone is DEFICIENT in vitamin D it may cause, "high blood pressure, tuberculosis, cancer, periodontal disease, multiple sclerosis, chronic pain, seasonal affective disorder, peripheral artery disease, cognitive impairment which includes memory loss and foggy brain, and several autoimmune diseases including type 1 diabetes". Vitamin D deficiency is also characterized by rickets in children and osteomalacia in adults, which I'm pretty sure if such a large percentage of staff at a medical facility was suffering from this, somebody might have caught on to it

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