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Autoimmune Conditions

A visit at the farm while pregnant could help reduce the risk of allergies and autoimmune diseases for your baby!The organic farm we visited is home to many animals, including sheep, pigs, chickens, cows, dogs, cats and even a horse, a lama and a donkey. The lambs are the cutest to pet.

Did you know that being in nature is a great way to lower your stress levels and activate your parasympathetic nervous system (the rest-or-digest nervous system as opposed to the fight-or-flight sympathetic nervous system)? And this is very important to help with your adrenal health, digestive health, mental health and overall health.

Did you also know that visiting farm animals could also benefit pregnant women and their babies? In the book “An Epidemic of Absence” by Moises Velasquez-Manoff, the author explains how our germ-phobic society could be responsible for the increased prevalence of allergies and autoimmune diseases.

Your immune system is meant to be exposed to microbes on a regular basis.

Our current almost sterile environment soaked with antimicrobial soaps and hand sanitizers is confusing our immune system. Without anything worthwhile fighting, your immune system may turn against you!

That’s exactly what happens with allergies when your immune system starts attacking non-harmful compounds from your environment (i.e. pollen) or the food you eat (i.e. nuts, soy, wheat, fish or dairy).

With autoimmune diseases, it’s part of your own body that your immune system starts attacking. It could be your thyroid gland with Grave’s disease or Hashimoto’s thyroiditis (which constitutes 90% of all forms of hypothyroidism), your pancreas with type 1 diabetes, your joints with rheumatoid arthritis or lupus, your skin with psoriasis, lupus or vitiligo, your spine with ankylosing spondylitis, your intestines with celiac disease, Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis, your uterus with endometriosis, the myelin coating your nerves with multiple sclerosis, and the list goes on….!

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by SPF1

It is widely known among functional medicine and nutrition practitioners and those that aren't brainwashed by the typical allopathic approach (which makes the condition worse and is an absolute failure) that autoimmune conditions start in the GI tract. Something triggers the body to attack itself. From what used to be a small list of autoimmune issues has become an increasingly large list due to the way people treat their GI tracts -- it's like a garbage dump now and you can tell by people's physiques.
Because of the gut inflammation that is already present, the use of NSAIDS by the medical community is completely absurd

Having children does include pregnancy.

by Kristy2078

Anyway. I read through these results (just the first page), and I get this general summary:
Improvements for some autoimmune conditions may happen during pregnancy, but are only temporary. Some conditions are caused by pregnancies (i.e. thyroiditis [4-10%]). Taking a birth control pill (in the form of estriol) may help women with MS; they don't need to get pregnant for relief (*this one group seems to have the most success with pregnancy hormones). Women with pre-existing autoimmune conditions have a higher risk of miscarrying or being infertile. Women with specific genes or antibodies (or lack of specific antibodies) have a better success with their pregnancies; some other women have flare-ups and some others deliver babies that themsevles have conditions (i


by SPF1

Help you with the PT assistant but want to offer my 2 cents about RA.
RA is always teamed with leaky gut, food intolerances, and a parasite and/or yeast overgrowth from my experience. Gluten and casein (dairy) intolerance is indicated as well. Autoimmune conditions start in the gut. The branch is inflammation in the joints; the root of the issue is in the GI tract.
If you haven't done a comprehensive stool test to look at the state of your gut along with identification of all of your food intolerances, I'd highly (!!) recommend you do so. The traditional allopathic/medical approach feeds the imbalance by commonly using NSAIDS to treat the symptoms but further inflames the gut making the condition worse and worse over time

You must

by SPF1

Find out why you have autoimmune thyroid issues. The issue likely started in your GI tract and still remains despite thyroid removal.
All autoimmune conditions start in the GI tract as that is where around 80% of the immune system is located (called the mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue (MALT)). There is a massive correlation between systemic disease and GI dysfunction. If you don't correct the root cause of the issue, your ability to lose weight and be healthy will continue to be compromised.
For instance, the bacteria yersinia enterocolitica has strong correlation to hashimotos

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Because vitiligo is greatly linked to autoimmune disorders, you may also be tested for autoimmune conditions. A sample of blood may be taken to check how well your thyroid gland is functioning. You may also be evaluated for Addison's disease and diabetes.

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